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By Sue Shekut, Licensed Massage Therapist, ACSM Personal Trainer, Certified Wellness Coach, Owner, Working Well Massage

During your busy day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or “stressed out.” Try this quick stress buster exercise to help calm down your nervous system and get some fresh oxygen to your brain!

1. Find a quiet area. If you are at work, this may be a stairwell, an empty conference room, your car, or even a stall in the bathroom! Just find a place you won’t be interrupted.

2. Sit quietly in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

3. For 60 seconds, scan your body and notice any areas of tension or pain. Notice what you are feeling emotionally without judging yourself. Are you feeling anxious, fearful, angry, frustrated?

4. For the next 60 seconds, breathe in and out deeply from your nose (versus your mouth). As you breathe, pay attention to your breath, feeling the air as it enters your nose, travels into your lungs and then leaves your body as you exhale. Notice the way your chest and abdomen rise and fall with each breath.

5. Then for 60 seconds, do a new body scan, noting the feelings in your body and emotions. How do you feel now? Is there any change in the tense areas of your body? What differences do you notice in your emotional state?

This is a great, simple and super inexpensive (aka free) stress buster tool that you can take with you anywhere you go, at home, at work or even at the airport!

Try it out and let us know what you experience.

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