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By Sue Shekut, Licensed Massage Therapist, ACSM Personal Trainer, Certified Wellness Coach, Owner, Working Well Massage

One of the most common problems we see with people that work on computers all day is sore neck and shoulders. Bending forward to see the laptop screen is a big headache (literally!) for students, sales people and anyone that uses a laptop on a frequent basis.

I’ve written Apple and some of the PC makers asking if they would create a laptop with an adjustable monitor that could be height adjustable and articulate to be more comfortable to users to no avail. Likely they have even bigger and better ideas. (I hope.)

For now, though, if you use a laptop frequently and can’t always connect to an external monitor and extended keyboard, there is a simple, inexpensive short term fix: the Portabook.

Sure, it’s sold via a cheesy infomercial. Sure the base model is made of plastic. But it’s durable plastic. And it works. (A metal version is available.) The Portabook is a laptop holder, a textbook or paper holder and it IS portable (and very lightweight.)

Watch the short video from the company here

I have two at home and I even take it with me when I plan on using my laptop away from home for extended periods. It fits right into my backpack along with the laptop! When I read textbooks or any 8.5 x 11 size papers, I also use the Portabook as a reading stand. It’s worth the $20 to save my neck and shoulders from pain and tension.

Note: Neither Working Well resources nor I have any affiliation or make any profits from Portabook. We just like the product!

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