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By Sue Shekut, Licensed Massage Therapist, ACSM Personal Trainer, Certified Wellness Coach, Owner, Working Well Massage

Want to know where you can take a nice after dinner walk in Chicago?  I know it’s cold but if you bundle up, you can burn some calories and still see the bright lights and your neighbors holiday decorations as you stroll.   Check out this site dedicated to providing rankings on most walkable neighborhoods: Walk Score.com

According to WalkScore’s website, “The top 8 neighborhoods in Chicago are Walkers’ Paradises. 66% of Chicago residents have a Walk Score of 70 or above. 96% have a Walk Score of at least 50—and 4% live in Car-Dependent neighborhoods.”

Top  Cities for Walking

The cities at the top of the Walk Score rankings have density, mixed use, transit, short blocks—and almost everything else on our walkability checklist. Most importantly, these cities have lots of destinations near each address, which is the strongest indicator of whether people walk.

Least Walkable Cities

It’s difficult to get by without a car (or even walk to a nearby restaurant) in these sprawling cities. More time in the car means more money at the pump, less exercise, and more pollution. But even the least walkable cities have walkable places. Read about these walking oases.
Top 20 Most Walkable Chicago Neighborhoods according to WalkScore

Neighborhood     Score
1  Loop                       98
2  Near North Side  97
3  Lincoln Park        94
4  Lake View             93
5  Uptown                 92
6  Edgewater            92
7  Near South Side  90
8  Rogers Park         90
9  West Town           88
10  Hyde Park          87
11  Logan Square     86
12  Lincoln Square  85
13  Bridgeport          85
14  Lower West Side 85
15  Near West Side   84
16  Albany Park        84
17  North Center      83
18  West Ridge         83
19  North Park          81
20  Irving Park         80
Read more from the WalkScore website here.
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