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By Sue Shekut, Owner, Working Well Massage, Licensed Massage Therapist,  Certified Wellness Coach and ACSM Personal Trainer

G2 Fitness Mouse Stretch Program

Do you work long hours at your computer? Performing the same tasks over and over can lead to muscle tension and injury. Michelle S. Jones, an eHow Contributing Writer, advises you to “Stand up and walk around if your job involves a lot of sitting. For every 20 minutes of work, take a two-minute break, which can be as simple as standing up and stretching,” in her article, Simple Steps to Take to Avoid Workplace Ergonomic Injuries,

OK, that’s pretty simple advice: Get up and stretch as often as possible. But how should you stretch? And what about your stretches for your hands? Now G2Fitness has a Mouse-Pad Stretch program that can help you out.

For the low price of $9.95, the Mouse Pad Stretch Program gives you:

  • 9 Simple and Effective Stretches
  • Offered in Black with Blue Coloring
  • Full Video instruction at g2fit.com
  • ECO Friendly (100% Recyclable)
  • Physician Certified Stretches
  • Bacteria Resistant
  • Washable Non-slip Surface
  • Long-lasting and Durable
  • Revolutionary Patented Material
  • Dimensions : 20cm x 25cm x 4mm
  • Material: 100% TPE

What’s the Story Behind G2 Fitness?

According to the G2 Fitness website, G2 Fitness CEO and founder Gasper Guarrasi has always enjoyed a fast-paced, competitive lifestyle. In his professional life, Mr. Guarrasi’s persistent focus, drive, and creativity were essential to his achievements as president of a $100 million company. On the playing field, Mr. Guarrasi was also known as a driven competitor, running up to 30 miles a week.

Towards the end of 2006, Gasper set a goal to play on the PGA tour and began the journey to play great golf. Through intensive training with top instructors and fitness experts, he discovered that the key element his game was missing was flexibility. He began a regime of specifically designed stretches which he performed every day and found that these not only improved his game but also made him feel better on a day—to—day basis. Today, his dedication to practicing and specifically stretching helped Mr. Guarrasi to become a scratch golfer with zero handicap who has had the honor of playing in qualifying events for the U.S. Open Championship and the Northern Trust Open.

While Mr. Guarrasi continues his love for the game of golf, the true passion that he takes from his experiences is his belief in the benefits of stretching. G2 Fitness combines Mr. Guarrasi’s sports and business acumen with his desire to help others live a healthier, fit life. The company is inspired to create powerful results for people in both health and sports.

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