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By Sue Shekut, Owner, Working Well Massage, Licensed Massage Therapists, Certified Wellness Coach, ACSM Personal Trainer

Now you can power your household appliances while you workout! Energy shortages and high levels of obesity–one company aims to solve both problems with one product: The Human Dynamo 4.2. The designer, Henry Works, created this workout machine to harness the energy you produce while exercising.

Human Dynamo 4.2

How Does the Human Dynamo 4.2 Work?

The machine has a 200 watt (max) permanent magnet generator. The control unit allows the rider to vary the output and therefore the effort required. A person in decent shape can average from 60-120 watts per hour (watts).

Note: this is true electrical output; the generator is about 70% efficient so the actual physical work is 30% higher.

The HD Power Control shows watts being produced, watt/hours (WH) for session, battery voltage and total WH produced since first day of use.

Some typical power uses:
Laptop 60-80 watts.
Stereo 30-70 watts.
Small TV 60-100 watts.

As you can see if you work out for 30 minutes at 100 watts you have made 50 watts (half an hour). So you could listen to a stereo at 25 watts for a two hours.

The Future of Harnessing Human Energy-FireWheel Inter Grid Generation – the FIGG System

Henry Works is currently testing a way of connecting a rotary power source, like the Human Dynamo, directly to the Grid. He calls this system the “FireWheel Inter Grid Generation” system or “FIGG” for short. He will be testing this soon at The Green Micro Gym in Portland, OR.

What it means is that no special DC wiring is needed or inverters to hook up machines. The Dynamo will simply “plug in” to a standard socket and the power flows out through the cord into the circuit. If the power in the building goes out, the system stops producing power, making it entirely safe.

How Can the Human Dynamo Help Reduce Your Utility Bill?

As to your utility bill; the electrical meter slows down in relation to the inside power generated and if you have enough machines producing more than you are using, the meter will turn backwards! If you have produced more than you consumed for the month, most utility companies let you store this as a credit for the following month. (To make this much energy, the machines would have to be in use for most of the day).

How Do I Order a Human Dynamo 4.2?

Go to the Website here. The complete machine is $1950. You will need a heavy duty 12 volt battery and 120 volt AC inverter to power small appliances. If you buy basic version the generator-control can be added later with common tools.

Who is Talking About the Human Dynamo 4.2?

Read this article, from the BBC,  “A Gym Powered by Sweat and Tears” and watch the video showing how a gym in Portland Oregon is using the Human Dynamo to power their gym!

Men’s Health magazine has a great article on the Human Dynamo 4.2 in their March, 2010 issue: Harness Your Power

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