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By Sue Shekut, Owner, Working Well Massage, Licensed Massage Therapists, Certified Wellness Coach, ACSM Personal Trainer

While taking part in the Climate Cycle Ride on  May 15, I was fortunate to stop by one of the booths and speak to a representative of thechainlink, a Chicago bicycling Online Community. According to the organization’s website” the chainlink is a one-stop resource for Chicago cyclists to find rides and routes, share information and connect with other cyclists.”

The site lists upcoming rides and events and provides forums for discussion. The forums have great info like what to do if your bike is stolen, info about helmets, front rack recommendations, info about police officers giving bicycle riders tickets for not obeying traffic rules and so on. I really enjoyed  reading some of the posts and comments from area bikers. Overall, it seems like a very useful site if you bike int he city or surrounding area.

Leah, the founder, explains why she set up this site:

the chainlink is a place for Chicago bikers of all types to connect, find rides and routes, and share information. the chainlink was created because even though Chicago is a big biking city, it’s a fragmented community, and there was no one resource that served the needs of bikers. My hope is that this site will allow bikers in Chicago and surrounding areas to connect with each other, explore the area through interesting rides and routes, find the resources they need, and most of all, bring a sense of community to Chicago biking. So join a ride, start a conversation on the forum or find a riding buddy – everything you do here will strengthen Chicago’s biking community.

the chainlink is very much a work in progress and I absolutely welcome your feedback. Please feel free to drop me a note with any comments and suggestions – you’ll be helping the chainlink grow and better serve the community.

Thanks for being a part of biking in Chicago!

creator, the chainlink

P.S. What are you waiting for?
– Looking to do a distance ride this season? Click here to find a long ride in the Rides & Events section.
– Have a question, piece of news, or just looking to sell something? Post it in the Forum here.
– Know someone who might like this site? Invite them to the chainlink by clicking here.

Comment Sample

Here is an example of an interesting comment line. A poster was angry because a cop gave him a ticket for riding his bike through a red light.  Other posters chimed in and gave his advice when he wondered if he should fight the ticket:
“Good luck – you ran a red light. We expect cars to stop for them so they don’t kill us. If you want to be treated like you are traffic, act like you are traffic.”

“You entered the intersection on a red and that is illegal; if you saw a car do it would you want a cop to issue them a ticket?

This is a great example of why there needs to be bike specific laws.

It is also a great example of the fact that if you want to share the road and have laws enforced for cars you need to be prepared to have laws enforced for bicycles.”

Check out the site here!

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