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By Sue Shekut, Owner, Working Well Massage, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Wellness Coach, ACSM Personal Trainer

Looking for a great way to get a cardiovascular workout, strengthen your core muscles and get around town? How about inline skating!

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When I was in college  (Lo so many years ago), we did not have inline skates.  I used to rent actual roller skates and skate around town with other well padded friends (knees and wrist pads were a must). Nowadays people roll around on inline skates aka roller blades.  Since a groin injury years ago, I am leery of putting anything with wheels on my feet that may cause my right leg and my left leg to go in opposite directions. but my colleague, Dr. Bonny Flaster, is an old pro at in line skating and you can see her skating along the Chicago Lakefront every day, her long silver hair flying free. And she’s written a  great post with all you need to know to get started and get skating at her blog, Chicago Workout, here.

According to Dr Flaster, “A terrific way to get started is through the National Skate Patrol (http://nsp-chicago.org/). Volunteers offer a free stopping clinic just north of Oak Street Beach, Saturday afternoon, between the hours of 12:00 and 3:00 pm, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. You can find them under a red flag for the National Skate Patrol. They’ll be wearing red NSP shirts.”

In her post, Dr. Flaster also gives tips for beginners, including a few words on the most important tip for newbee inline skaters: how to stop.

Read the full post at Chicago Workout, here.

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