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By Sue Shekut, Owner, Working Well Massage, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Wellness Coach, ACSM Personal Trainer

Walkstation from Steelcase

What if you could work out while you worked? What if by working out you could generate enough electricity to power your own computer and the computer of the coworker next to you. And what if you could do this without breaking a sweat?

I had this conversation with a client recently. We wondered how long it would take before movement and energy generation are combined to give workers  the opportunity to stay healthy and fit, reduce energy dependence on renewable resources and  transform the workplace.

The technology for such a workplace exists albeit in its infancy. We wrote about the Human Dynamo in this post and about the Walkstation in this post. Since humans can walk for long periods of time without much stress or injury and since research points to the need for human beings to move more than they do with sedentary desk jobs, it makes sense doesn’t it.

My client suggested a world in which we all have renewable battery packs that we can recharge simply by exercising. That way you could plug your renewable battery pack into just about any electronic device including your workplace computer and Walkstation/Human Dynamo bike.

Maybe in this scenario, workers  that exercise a great deal may get credits toward lower health insurance premiums.   Perhaps workers generate credits in their youth that store for when they are  and less able to move. But then again, walking on treadmill is fairly doable (even at low speeds) for most people. People with problems walking or exercising could earn energy credits in other ways.

I’m interested to hear what my readers think. What other changes do you see in the workplace of the future?

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