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By Sue Shekut, Owner, Working Well Massage, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Wellness Coach, ACSM Personal Trainer

Recently a client told me about the bodybugg and how using it allowed her to lose 20 pounds.  Check out the Bodybugg system here.

The bodybugg system includes a strap on wearable electronic device that looks like a watch along with a web-based computer program. The new bodybuggSP™ system, also gives you real-time access to your daily activity through your smartphone* (Android™ and iPhone).

Here are some of the features the bodybugg system includes:

• Sensors to track calories burned
• Manages calories consumed via a web-based program
• A built-in pedometer to track your steps
• Phone coaching session
• The system is both PC and Mac compatible
• The wearable device runs on a rechargeable battery

The bodybugg system makes it easy to manage the calories you consume and burn so that you can stay in control of your weight. The new bodybuggSP™ system, let’s you see your results in real-time from your smartphone*(Android™ and iPhone).

How Does the bodybugg work?

  • Motion: The armband contains an accelerometer that measures motion from multiple perspectives.
  • Steps: The accelerometer counts steps by measuring the distinct patterns created by running or walking.
  • Galvanic skin response: When you sweat, your skin becomes more electrically conductive. This measurement helps the device understand how active you are.
  • Skin temperature: There’s an electronic thermometer inside your armband that monitors how hot you are.
  • Heat flux: When you move, your muscles produce heat. Your armband measures the heat that’s flowing from your body into the environment.

Buy the bodybugg from 24Hour Fitness here. Prices are about $150 and up.

For a great review of the bodybugg from dietspotlight click here.

For a very thorough, well written and fairly even-handed review of the bodybugg from Fitlife SF, click here.

One Voice of Mom blogger writes her own review of the bodybugg here.

Finally, LogicalLoss blog has a very detailed review complete with screen shots here.

Based on what I read from the reviews, the bodybugg is a good system for those that are sedentary and want to learn how to count their caloric output and food intake. However, the bodybugg system seems to lack detaileld tracking of food intake and the online system may be cumbersome for some to use.

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