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By Sue Shekut, Owner, Working Well Massage, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Wellness Coach, ACSM Personal Trainer

Valentine’s day is here! Some studies show that sharing love is good for your health. Click here for a great post about the health benefits of love and loving. For those of you in love, wanting to be in love or even old married folks that have a long time partnership, there is a lot of confusion about how to show your love to those you care about. Last week I had a young male client ask me if we were doing anything special for Valentines’ day. My reply was that, in my relationship, every day is Valentine’s day! Why, because we try to show each other we care and enjoy each others company every day even in small ways. For me, taking out the trash is an act of love. It’s care taking and I like being cared for. I also like caring for others so making my man nice meal or giving him hot tea when he is sick is an act of love to me. However, other people may value different things.

Here are some ideas about what to give your loved ones for Valentine’s day or any day to show you care.

• For some woman, feeling loved and appreciated means getting an expensive gift like diamond jewelry or silver jewelry from Tiffany’s.

• For busy moms, it might mean watching the kids so she can go to yoga class, take a hot bath alone and uninterrupted.

• Some lovers buy their partners chocolate (to say I am sweet on you!) for their love. But that can add unwanted fat and calories to your loved ones diet. Try low-fat chocolates or a smaller box so he/she can savor the treat without putting on 10 pounds! Or you can try giving Xocia Healthy Chocolate. Click here for more info.

• Some men and women may want a gift certificate for a massage or even a nice back rub from their partner. In Chicago,  Working Well Massage sells gift certificates for chair massage at both of our chair massage stations. Click here for more info.

• Learn how to give your partner a sensual massage from this DVD – Couples Massage DVD – GTS Therapeutics – Tiffany and Gary Blackden NCMTs.

• There are also health benefits to physical  intimacy as well. Read more about them here.

• For a man in your life (even brother or son) that does not know how to cook, don’t give him a fish, teach him to fish..and cook the fish with this book – Tough Guys Don’t Dice: A Cookbook for Men Who Can’t Cook

For those of you looking for love, there are some great books to help you figure out what it is you really want and figure out how to get it:

• A great book that explains the different ways people express love and how to find a mate you are compatible with love style wise: –The Truth About Love: The Highs, the Lows, and How You Can Make It Last Forever

• A wonderful book for those that are happy to be single or for those that WANT to be happy being single–Living Alone and Loving It

• A helpful book about how couples can better connect through touch –Connecting Through Touch: The Couples’ Massage Book

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