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By Sue Shekut, Licensed Massage Therapist, ACSM Personal Trainer, Certified Wellness Coach, Owner, Working Well Massage

Previously, I’ve blogged about the potential neck and shoulder pain that can result from using iPods and iPads. One way to save yourself from this problem is to get a stand or holder for your iPad so you do not need to hold it or lean far forward to view it.

The iPad looks great and works great. But with its sloping back and glass front it’s tough to handle. When you carry it, it’s awkward to hold and you get fingerprints all over it from grasping it. And when you’re using it, either your neck gets sore from staring downward or your arms and shoulders get tense from holding it up so you can see the screen.

Een Steve Jobs looks uncomfortable viewing the iPad

I came across this product, the Eazel-Stand and it looks like a nice fix. According to their website, you can position your iPad anywhere in 3D space for the most comfortable viewing experience. At your desk, in your reading chair, flat on your back in bed.

Use the Eazel Stand on the coach

Use the Eazel Stand on the plane, train or bus

How it works

Fold your eazel back and it transforms itself into the perfect desk stand. And with the patent-pending friction design, position the screen at any angle that is comfortable for you.

When you’re ready to go, simply close it up into a compact carrying case. Your iPad is fully protected and easy to handle.

Click here for an explanation of how the Eazel Stand works to prevent you from putting stress on your neck and shoulders.

Check it out here. Want to buy an Eazel-Stand. Sorry, it’s not yet available for sale!  But if you sign up or the newsletter, the company will let you know when you can order your own. Til then, try the PortaBook 10086 Multifunctional Laptop Book Document Stand for about $8 on Amazon!

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