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By Sue Shekut, Owner, Working Well Massage, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Wellness Coach, ACSM Personal Trainer

Can a business be TOO successful? How about two businesses? Sometimes they can be! In the case of Working Well Massage and the Whole Foods Wellness Club, being too successful in some areas made it a better idea to split our two businesses and focus on what we each do best.

On Sept 5, 2011, Working Well Massage expanded our massage business to offer table massages in the new Wellness Club in Whole Foods Market in Lincoln Park. We aligned with the Wellness Club to offer discounted massages to Wellness Club members and full price massages to non-wellness club members. Both Wellness Club leadership and WWM thought that the massage business would be very successful in the Wellness Club and that we would need the consultation room to provide table massages. However, we found that table massages were not as big of a draw to the Wellness Club as nutritional consultations turned out to be.  We also found that the WWM chair massages business was so successful on the main floor that there was less of a need for massage in the WC than we thought. Both the Wellness Club nutritional offerings and the chair massage offerings on the main floor resulted in few table massage clients in the Wellness Club and a greater need for the use of the consultation room for nutritional services.

At the same time, WWM resources were being stretched thin. A massage business can only survive financially if it has clients. WWM massage clients ended up preferring the affordable, accessible, walk in appointment at the WWM chair massage station to table massages in the Wellness Club upstairs. Trying to market both massage and fitness and nutrition was taxing the resources of both WWM and the WC and confusing WWM customers.

By Oct 12 2011, both Wellness Club leadership and WWM agreed that it made more sense and was a better business decision to close the table massage business. Instead Whole Foods Market decided to focus the Wellness Club more on nutritional offerings and fitness and channel massage clients to the already established and successful WWM chair massages booth near Express on the main floor.

I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this rapid opening and shutting down of table massage services may have been to some of our clients. Working Well Massage continues to offer chair massages at the Lincoln Park Whole Foods Market. And the Wellness Club is focusing on nutrition and fitness in the balcony (mezzanine) upstairs!

Visit us in the WWM chair massage booth from Noon to 8p.m. Daily and receive your own relaxing chair massage.

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