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By Sue Shekut, Owner, Working Well Massage, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Wellness Coach, ACSM Personal Trainer

Recently a client asked me if I knew anything about healthy vending machines. I looked into it and found that there has actually been a lot of new vending machine companies that now offer healthier foods in vending machines.  I took a look at a few of the more popular vending machines companies and put together some info for other corporate clients, schools and hospitals.

Keep in mind that these vending machine companies are primarily geared toward selling vending machine franchises to vending operators. But two of them  do provide enough information to allow companies looking for healthy vending machines with information about their offerings and a means for client companies to contact them to inquire about adding a vending machine to their company. Companies with a high volume of usage will be more likely to be able to secure a vending machine versus small companies with fewer staff or vending machine usage. My top pick is Sprout!

Sprout Healthy Vending

I really like the Sprout website and company approach. Check out this webpage for detailed specs on the Sprout vending equipment and an excellent video on how the vending machine combines non-refrigerated items with refrigerated items in one machine AND accepts coins, bills and credit cards easily. I really like Sprout’s website and approach to sales. They showcase themselves as a company of people committed to providing healthy products and creating a good working environment for their own staff.

Sprout Healthy Vending Machines

All Sprout Healthy Vending Machines Include:

  • Sprout Healthy Vending Machines
  • Cashless Credit and Debit Card Payment Systems
  • Coin Acceptor/Dispenser
  • Wireless Reporting/Monitoring
  • Shipping / Delivery and Installation to the Vending Locations

To inquire about setting up a Sprout vending healthy vending machine service in your office or school, click here.

Some FAQ’s about Sprout vending services that I thought was useful:

Your location does not have to pay for the machine! Its free! The Sprout Healthy Vending machine is provided at absolutely NO cost to the location. In fact, not only do we provide the machine, we service and stock it on a regular basis and then give you a percentage of the profits each month.

Sprout Healthy Vending has a qualified professional Operator in your area who is responsible to monitor, stock and service the machines as necessary. Each of our Operators goes through extensive training and background checks to ensure that the quality of service provided is far superior to anything you have witnessed before.

Your company can help select the products in each machine in your location. Sprout believes it is important to provide a good variety of healthy products in order to satisfy the taste of everyone. Your local Sprout Operator will meet with you to discuss potential products and you can provide a wish list of requested products from our extensive inventory.

Sprout has licensed Dieticians on staff that create customized Menu Plans for each machines. They will take into account local, state and federal guidelines and build a menu plan that meets or surpasses those standards.

Sprout products are all national Name Brand items. These are the same products you would expect to find on the shelves of your local Whole Foods and Trader Joes.

Fresh Healthy Vending

I also like the Fresh Healthy Vendings website because it makes it easier for client companies to see all the available products they can choose for their vending machines. Fresh Healthy Vending has a clean, easier to navigate website and it’s easy to see exactly what products they offer. Fresh Healthy Vending offers Cliff bar products lines, Luna and Kashi Go Lean bars, Nature’s Path, Barbara and SoyJoy bars as well as dried fruit, vitamin waters, healthy  juices, smoothies and yogurt. Check out the scrollable product options here.

Fresh Vending

To get more information on starting a Fresh Vending Franchise or to order a Fresh Vending machine for your location, click here and fill out the online form.

Healthy Vending Machines by HUMAN

Healthy Vending Machines by HUMAN

Sad to say that Healthy Vending Machines by HUMAN may be a great company, but the website looks like a giant confusing infomercial. When I think of HUMAN, the vending machine company, the phrase that comes to mind is “stressful clutter.” I could not get much information about any of their products, other than they are “customizable” and “healthy”.  I had to go through several web pages to find a general list of the type products they offer (granola bars, juice, etc.), but found no specific product lines mentioned. Thus their website does not list any brand name products to allow me to compare HUMAN’s offerings with the other two healthy vending companies.

I also do not like their video display terminal on the top of some of their vending machines. People at work are already under stress and stopping to grab a healthy snack should be a BREAK from computer monitors. Adding yet another video display with canned advertising content adds MORE stress to office workers. Be kind to human beings, HUMAN, and get rid of the annoying video displays on your machines! We are already bombarded with commercials on television, at air ports and in elevators. Do we really need yet more commercial clutter on our vending machines?

The HUMAN website is also difficult to navigate and cluttered with videos promoting their services. Their sales approach is so cluttered,  confusing and hard sell that I would not recommend them for any of my client sites. Go with Sprout or Fresh Vending instead!

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By Sue Shekut, Owner, Working Well Massage, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Wellness Coach, ACSM Personal Trainer

Infant massage brings a smile to the face of babies everywhere!

Today I received an email from a former Working Well Massage massage therapist, Rania Baxter, who left Chicago a few years ago for the calm and quiet of upper Wisconsin. Rania let me know about a fantastic program she is taking part in to bring infant and child massage to children and caregivers in another country with the Liddle Kidz Foundation.  Rania, as you can see, is now calm and peaceful and ready to bring her compassion and touch to children in a less developed country.

Rania Baxter, L.M.T. & Future Infant Massage Giver in Viet Nam!

I think it’s a great idea and a wonderful way to bring massage therapy into less developed countries in a manner than can be healing for everyone involved. The lessons Rania learns on her journey will likely benefit children and parents here as well when she returns to the U.S. Rania is hoping to raise $4300 for this effort. If you an afford to donate to Rania and LiddleKidz Foundations mission to help children and their caregivers in Viet Nam, click here and you can enter any amount you wish. Donations are being handled by Firstgiving, a secure donation portal. And sorry, I can’t let you be the first to donate. Working Well Massage already made the first donation!

According to the Liddle Kidz website, “Children who are resilient typically have a number of characteristics that make this possible.  These characteristics include having a sense of purpose in life, confidence in one’s ability to control any given situation, compassion for others, a belief in the fundamental goodness of people, and the energy and resourcefulness to make things happen. The Liddle Kidz™ Foundation Global programs directly nurture two of these important characteristics; compassion for others and the belief in the fundamental goodness of people.  Liddle Kidz  programs support children and their caregivers, so that each child has the chance to reach their full potential.”

According to Rania, “It is the vision of Liddle Kidz Foundation Global to make a true difference for children who have been orphaned, along with their caregivers who lack the necessary support to provide them with best developmental care possible. Specifically we provide focused support to orphans and children affected by HIV/AIDS, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Agent Orange, Down Syndrome, Autism/ASD, Muscular Dystrophy, landmine survivors, children with visual and hearing impairments, as well as a host of mental and physical impairments. The LiddleKidz foundation’s mission includes setting up massage and nurturing touch programs in orphanages and children’s care settings across the globe. The goal is to provide infants and children with experiences of caring and nurturing touch that they often lack. In addition to working directly with the children,  volunteers such as Rania, teach staff and caregivers at these facilities ways to continue to provide supportive, comforting touch to the children in their care.”

Annually, Ms. Tina Allen, the founder of Liddle Kidz and Liddle Kidz Foundation Global, travels with volunteer groups to provide touch therapy in orphaTina Allen |  Founder, Liddle Kidz Foundation | Infant and  Pediatric Massagenages all over the globe. This is the group that Rania will be traveling with this December when they visit orphanages and children’s hospitals in Viet Nam.

Who is Tina Allen?


With over a decade of service to children and families, Tina Allen, founder of leading children’s health and nurturing touch organization Liddle KidzFoundation (LKF), has become an internationally respected educator, author and expert in the field of infant and pediatric massage therapy.

She is a Pediatric Massage Master Teacher, Developmental Baby Massage Teacher, a Licensed Massage Therapist with specialized training in providing massage therapy for infants and children with special healthcare needs.  Ms. Allen understands the varied physical and emotional needs of hospitalized and medically complex infants, children and their families. Because of her dedication to the well-being of the entire family, she has studied and become certified in pregnancy massage and is a Trainer of Peaceful Touch®, which implements a healthy touch approach for children in school based environments.

For more information on Tina Allen and her work with healthy touch and children, click here.

For massage therapists that want to be trained in Infant Massage and Pediatric Massage, click here for upcoming class information.

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