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By Sue Shekut, Owner, Working Well Massage, Licensed Massage Therapist, Wellness Coach, ACSM Personal Trainer

Chicago police officers face a myriad of stressors: increased crime and shootings in the city, a severely reduced police  force, physical stress of carrying around all the police gear they are required to wear and now, the loss of a long time police station in Ukrainian Village.

13th District Commander Anderson demonstrates proper seating for chair massage as Working Well Massage therapist Aaron Hanna awaits officers for their massage. Photo by Sue Shekut

On September 25, 2012, four of our Working Well Massage therapists came in to give police officers at the soon to be closed 13th District police station 10-minute chair massages. Many of our team members live in the Ukrainian Village area or have family in the area the 13th District served. This police station is being demolished soon and officers from this station will be transferred to another station and District.  WWM donated our massage services to say “Thank you” for all the policing efforts our 13th District officers have provided the community with through the years.We timed our session to provide massages for officers before and after they came on duty so as not to disrupt their important police work.

Working Well Massage therapists give a small moment of relaxation to officers as they prepare to go out into the streets and as they come off duty after a long shift. Photo by Sue Shekut.

Any massage therapists that has ever massaged a police officer knows that as a result of all the stress and gear they must carry, police officers backs and necks are super strong and super tense!

Aaron Hanna mobilizes an off duty officer’s shoulder as he massages the officer’s neck and upper back. Photo by Sue Shekut

Our team of four massage therapists worked hard to give officers relaxing massages.  We were also able to give some of the 13th District office staff a “Thank You” ten-minute chair massage and they were extremely grateful! Working Well Massage plans on giving more massages to our men and woman of the Chicago Police Department in the coming year.

Working Well Massage provided chair massage in the 13th District’s old lock up room. Luckily we were OUTSIDE of the cells! Photo by Sue Shekut

The WWM Massage Challenge

Working Well Massage challenges other massage therapy companies, including Massage Envy, Urban Oasis and Spa Space, to donate massage services for Chicago’s police officers, firefighters and paramedics around the city. Providing massages to support city officers and fire fighters is not only good for our city, but also good for the massage field. The massage business is still confused with prostitution by some and building connections between legitimate massage establishments and police and fire fighters is one way to raise awareness about the benefits of legitimate massage therapy!

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