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By Sue Shekut, Licensed Massage Therapist, ACSM Personal Trainer, Certified Wellness Coach, Owner, Working Well Massage

Ergotron is a workstation and monitor company that sells adjustable computer workstations and monitor mounts. We found this entertaining video on Ergotron’s website. The “CubeLife 2.0: The Uprising” video pairs a workplace workout with their adjustable workstation which retails for about $900. After watching the video, you may regret spending $1225 on that unpadded Aeron chair instead of a user-friendly adjustable workstation from Ergotron!

If the video does not automatically display, go to this you tube video:
CubeLife 2.0:The Uprising

For more info on the Ergotron product line, go to their website  here.

If you already have an Ergotron adjustable workstation, let us know what you like (or don’t like) about it. We’d love to share your experience with our other loyal readers!

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