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By Sue Shekut, Owner, Working Well Massage, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Wellness Coach, ACSM Personal Trainer

I recently met a young man that told me about “bouldering.” I am not a rock climber myself so I hadn’t heard of the term before. He explained to me that it was a manner of climbing an indoor rock climbing wall, that requires more technical skill and agility to go from point to point along a lower wall than usually used for indoor climbing. Indoor rock climbing is a great full body workout. Lifting your body upwards by pulling with your arms and engaging your core as you lift your legs trying to suspend yourself above the ground via your harness…it can be a strenuous, but fun, workout.

• Primary Muscles used in climbing: Forearms, Abdominal muscles (especially Obliques), Shoulders, Arms

• Read a fantastic article covering just about everything you might want to know about rock climbing  by Marshall Brain is here.

• Tips for getting started in rock climbing here.

• Rock Climbing Equipment (Listed with photos of shoes and proper harness placement) here.

Rock climbing destinations within 6 hours drive of Chicago. Link to Chicago Sun Times article here.

Bouldering in Chicago

Chicago Bouldering Gym: Hidden Peak inside Lake Shore Acadmeny on Chicago between Halsted and Ogden. Find more info on Hidden Peak  here.

Hidden Peak is a bouldering gym. Bouldering is un-roped climbing within a specified height limit, and requires no technical training or harness.  It’s a great way to get the “feel” of the sport, and to develop stronger movement skills.  Experienced climbers love to train this way because it’s social, develops excellent power, and emphasizes technique over distance.  Don’t worry; they have a great soft landing to jump down to!

Since bouldering is inherently a social form of climbing, whether you are a first timer, or throw down on V10, Hidden Peak is a great place in Chicago to meet other climbers and share a great training session.  It’s nothing fancy–just good music, excellent boulder problems of all grades (changed frequently usually 100-150 problems up), and a great community.

Hidden Peak also has a few top-ropes that go the full 20 feet, and a basic rope skills and movement course for those wanting a more technical introduction to the sport (by appointment).  This class is a great introduction to the skills and techniques necessary for climbing in a taller, rope-focused gym, or toward moving into the outdoors.

Read a great post on one man’s bouldering experience at Hidden Peak here.

Indoor Rock Climbing Walls in the Chicago Area

Illinois indoor climbing walls here. For those that are into rock climbing, bouldering or are looking for a more challenging sport, here is a list of articles about rock climbing and bouldering as well as addresses of Chicago area rock climbing locations.

  1. Broadway Armory
    5910 N Broadway
    Chicago, Illinois 60640
    (312) 742-7502
  2. Oldtown Fitplex
    1235 North LaSalle
    Chicago, Illinois 60610
    (312) 640-1235
    > Climbing wall with 13 ropes, extensive padded bouldering, 100+ ever-changing routes and problems
  3. Hidden Peak Climbing Gym
    937 W. Chestnut
    Chicago, Illinois 60622
    (312) 563-9400
    > 2,000 sq. ft. bouldering climbing
  4. Lakeshore Athletic Club-Illinois Center
    211 N Stetson
    Chicago, Illinois 60601
    (312) 616-9000 ext.281
    > 100-ft climbing wall with overhang, slab, vertical and arête features.
  5. Lakeview Athletic Club
    3212 North Broadway
    Chicago, Illinois 60657
    (773) 529-2024
    > Approx. 50′ tall, 6 ropes.  Multiple crack, dihedrals and aretes.
  6. Lincoln Park Athletic Club
    1019 W. Diversey
    Chicago, Illinois 60614
    (773) 529-2022
  7. University of Illinois at Chicago Climbing Wall
    Student Recreation Facility
    737 S. Halsted St.
    Chicago, Illinois 60607
    (312) 413-5150
    > 42′ artificial rock climbing wall with 7 ropes
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