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By Sue Shekut, Owner, Working Well Massage, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Wellness Coach, ACSM Personal Trainer

Do you Tweet? Maybe you heard about Aston Kusher’s record tweets? Do you know what Twitter is? Well, maybe it’s time to find out!

What is Twitter?

According to the Twitter website, “Twitter is a real-time information network powered by people all around the world that lets you share and discover what’s happening now. Users can access Twitter on powerful broadband connections via a video game console or through faint connections in rural areas via SMS on a simple mobile phone. You can also access Twitter through more than 50,000 third-party Internet and mobile applications.” That’s quite a mouthful!

I consider Twitter to be a user-controlled Instant Messaging news service for people “on the go” that want to stay “in the know.”  (Yes, I admit,  I am a bad punner.)

When Twitter first came out, I was turned off on it because the only people I saw “tweeting” (Sending a Twitter message) where friends writing to blogs with boring tweets about what they were having for lunch.  As a business owner and wellness afficionado, however, I soon saw that Twitter can be an actual useful tool to keep customers up to date about the latest news about our services and special offerings. I also tweet about our blog posts, and share “retweets” from other twitter friends about topics of interest on fitness, nutrition, and wellness overall.

I recently had a fellow blogger share a post with me about great nutrition-oriented Tweeters. I  share her blog post and list with you.

Note: A few of her recommendation are no longer Tweeting. But most of them are still intact and can be easily accessed via a free twitter account. You can set one up in minutes and then receive tweets from Working Well and then ONLY other groups you want to follow.

Working Well’s Twitter name is “WorkWellMassage.” Follow us if you like! I often Tweet about discounts and special local event’s. Click here to follow us at WorkWellMassage.

A Physical Therapists Twitter List

Jeanne Peterson, author of Physical Therapy Blog wrote the following post, “50 Nutritionists You Should Follow on Twitter.”
Health costs are on the rise, along with food prices, and everything else. So who has the time or money to pay for a nutritionist? If your answer is “not me,” then look to the internet. And if your internet time is limited as is, then Twitter is the site for you. It brings you the headlines and information you want as 140 character “tweets.”

Now that you know what and where, you’re only halfway there. With millions of users, Twitter can also be a nightmare to navigate. But no worries there. We have already done the work of gathering the 50 nutritionists you should follow on Twitter. Whether looking to lose weight, get healthy, or exercise more, they offer loads of help at no charge.

Nutritionists You Should Follow on Twitter

These nutritionists offer their expertise to tens of thousands of followers every day. Be one of them by following.

    1. Paris Jordan
    : She is a fitness and nutrition coach. With over 20,000 followers, her tips are practical and useful. Several tweets a day are on diet, exercise, and other topics.

    2. Fitness 4 Her : Karen Ficarelli is a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. Her specialty is in motivating and inspiring women to achieve their goals. Tweets are full of useful tips.

    3. Linda Miner : Linda is a nutritionist from Vancouver. She helps others achieve optimal health through proper diet. Tweets are almost exclusively on nutritional links.

    4. Above Game : Get a Twitter feed for sports nutrition fitness here. You can also get an exercise wellness programs, network marketing coach, and more. Tweets are full of useful tips.

    5. My Healthy Bfast : This anonymous blogger uses the Twitter stream to tell all about a healthy breakfast. Get updates on why and what to eat. The main site even has recipes.

    6. Vicky Laney : Discover a deeper appreciation for nutrition by clicking here. Vicky tweets on whole nutrition for improved immune function and natural healing of chronic disease. See what she recommends for which ailment by stopping by.

    7. Nutrition 00 : Get loads of tips related to nutrition with this Twitter feed. They include how to get and stay healthy. They often comment about nutritional items in the news.

    8. Mandura : She is a former nurse who values nutrition. Based in Chicago, she launched several websites in support of it. She often tweets on health items.

Male Nutritionists You Should Follow on Twitter

Because men have loads to say about nutrition, take a look at the below nutritionists on Twitter.

    9. My Trainer Bob
    : Bob Harper is best known as one of the training and nutrition experts from “The Biggest Loser.” Visit to learn how you can inspire others to make healthier decisions. You can also check out his Facebook page or YouTube videos.

    10. Lobster and Chick : Henry Palmer is the author of “The Lobster and The Chicken” and an intuitive energy healer. Tweets mostly give life recommendations. However, there is still an occasional nutrition tweet.

    11. DJ Morris : An expert in the areas of nutrition, health, and the beach body, he tweets from Florida. His tweets regularly contain words of inspiration.

    12. Cussy : Get more inspirational tweets by following John Cusworth. He is into quotes, health, nutrition, fitness, and education. He also has lists on weight loss and body building.

    13. Healthy Hank : Hank Heister has been a health coach for over 25 years. He is also an EFT practitioner who specializes on cardiovascular nutrition. Tweets are often useful tips, along with do’s and don’ts.

    14. Mercola : Dr. Mercola is an osteopathic physician in Chicago. Founder of the natural health site, Mercola, he advocates dietary and lifestyle approaches to health. Get tweets on nutrition, health, and much more.

    15. Weight Loss Infos : Rolf Joho is from Switzerland and helps people all over the world lose weight. Tweets contain information on diets, emotional eating, nutrition, and cooking. He often links to items of interest.

    16. Wellness Twitts : Doc Bunnell practices at Berkeley. He brings all of his followers expert information on health, exercise, nutrition, and alternative medicine. He also often retweets on related items. (Note: This Twitter account is no longer active. Sue}

    17. Raw Nature Boy : Nick Stern is a longevity expert. He accomplishes this through raw foods and body building. Learn more about him and his lifestyle by following the tweets.

Semi-Nutritionists You Should Follow on Twitter

These Twitter users focus on many aspects of health and life, including nutrition.

    18. The Peppermint Leaf
    : Amanda recently graduated with a B.S. in Biochemistry. Her Twitter stream is all about vegan, biochemistry, Christian, pilates, health, bagpipes, and her husband’s LED company. With over 40,000 followers, she’s doing something right.

    19. Simple Living 1 : John Haines is an author and radio host. He also dabbles as a nutrition tutor, organic gardener, raw food vegan, and yogi. Check out his tweets for tips on all of the above.

    20. Jonus 855 : Wally Feschuk is an nutrition internet marketer from Ontario. He constantly features specials and items of interest as tweets. In addition, he also tweets about health and entrepreneurship.

    21. Joe Gigantino : He is a fitness and motivation expert from California. There are also tweets on workouts, communication, nutrition, and love. He often tweets on what works for him.

    22. Ganogirl : If coffee is part of your everyday nutrition, visit here. Rhonda Sellsted shows you the healthiest coffees and even ways to make money just by drinking. She also tweets on items that interest her.

    23. RH Pritchard : Richard is from Ohio and is a scientist and grandfather. He also tweets on nutrition and for fitness over 60. He often gathers tweets of interest and features them on his feed.

    24. Doc Wellness : Dr. David Orman is a naturopath who believes in acupuncture. Other areas of interest include nutrition, writing, and marathons. Tweets rarely link to external items, as he prefers to give his own advice.

Group Nutritionists You Should Follow on Twitter

The below teams of health experts tweet on nutrition and so much more.

    25. Men’s Health Mag : Both men and women can find useful nutritional information here. There are tweets on fitness, health, weight loss, sex, style, and nutrition. A highlight of the Twitter account is the Eat This, Not That links.26. Women’s Health Mag : Stop here for an ultimate guide to looking and feeling great. They bring you the latest in health, fitness, sex, beauty, and nutrition. Tweets often link to useful items.

    27. GHC Health : Get tweets on natural health and organic living here. Also known as the Global Healing Center, there are many natural remedies here. Visit the main site for more.

    28. one80dotcom : This site helps all visitors lose weight and get healthy. The Twitter feed is written by health and fitness experts, personal trainers, and nutritionists. There is a weight loss tip of the day and more.

    29. Fit Menu : Don’t derail your nutrition goals by going out to eat. This Twitter feed can help you eat healthy at restaurants. Stop by for the latest tweets or visit the main site.

    30. MSNBC Health : The main site is a great source of information on the latest health headlines. Check out the Twitter stream for information on health, diet, and nutrition. Tweets often link back to full articles.

    31. Healthy Stuff : The website Stay Healthy Forever has loads of tips for doing just that. Their twitter stream gathers info on health, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, and more. Click to read the full item.

    32. Nutrition Helper : Because great nutrition equals a healthy lifestyle, visit here. They give you the information you need to get that healthy lifestyle you want. Tweets are often nutrition headlines.

    33. MB Holistic : Get holistic health news from California with these tweets. Topics include world health news, holistic medicine, and alternative nutrition. Get related links by following them.

    34. Women’s Health : The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services maintain this Twitter stream for the health of women. Get the latest headlines, recall information, and more here. The main site also has many other tools for health.

Lesser Known Nutritionists You Should Follow on Twitter

These nutritionists have less than 15,000 followers but are still worth a look.

    35. Fertile Foods : Nutrition adviser Kathryn Flynn tweets on using the healing benefits of whole foods, exercise, and relaxation. These are ideal for balanced living before, during, and after pregnancy. Tips are on all sorts of diets and pregnancies.36. Dancing in Life : Get nutrition information for gluten free health by stopping here. Diana Herrington has been a health nut all of her life and is currently writing a cookbook. Nutrition tips, along with daily life, are featured.

    37. Starlightlife: Gina lives in Maui where she is a mind body nutritionist. She is also a personal coach and blogger who helps people see their true relationship with food. There are regular tweets on items of interest, and she also takes time answer questions.

    38. Karen4Fitness : Located in Palm Beach, Karen is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. She specializes in helping women reach their goals. Tweets are often things she enjoys and recommends to her clients.

    39. Your Nutrition : Vicki Berry is a nutritionist from North Carolina. She specializes in supplements and staying healthy. Links are to related items and even episodes of her very own podcast on Blog Talk Radio.

    40. Nutrition Unplugged : Registered dietician Janet Helm tweets from Chicago. She is also a food and nutrition consultant, as well as a mother of twins. Lists include cooking, health, food, and more.

    41. Nutrition Expert : Tweeting from Kansas City, Mitzi Dulan is a nutrition expert. She also co-authored “The All Pro Diet” and has been seen throughout the country. Tweets are often inspirational and interesting quotes.

Supplement Nutritionists You Should Follow on Twitter

Get the latest news on vitamins and supplements by following these Twitter feeds.

    42. Health, Fitness, Diet : Over 50,000 Twitter users follow this stream to get nutritional information. Genesis PURE health products and fitness supplements offer natural, pure, and organic nutrition. Tweets are often headlines of nutritional interest.

    43. Your Nutrition World : Get information on nutrition, health, eating disorders, vitamins, and supplements. Tweets are on a regular basis with links to more. You can also visit their website with other information.

    44. Liquid 4 All : Why liquid vitamins? Stop by this Twitter feed or site to find out. They also offer a 60 day empty bottle guarantee.

    45. Liquid 4 You : Similar to the above, they specialize in liquid vitamins and supplements. They also offer a similar guarantee.

    46. Our Aloe Business : Tim Sander lives in London and tweets on natural health. Learn how to live a healthier life by checking out these natural products. He also tweets on useful health and nutritional topics.

    47. Abel Nunez : Vitabase Store is based in Las Vegas. Nearly 14,000 followers get information on popular and lesser known supplements by following them. There are also tips for fitness and nutrition.

    48. Dog Vitamins : If your pet needs a nutritionist too, visit here. These vitamins are for healthier, happier dogs. Tweets are on recent activities and related news items.

    49. The Best 4 Health : Brain Britton promotes both nutrition and health supplements here. You can also get information on weight loss, natural energy boosters, and snacks. Tweets often feature recommendations.

    50. Raw Beauty Team : Don’t stop at supplements, get your beauty products with a nutritional frame of mind. Raw Natural Beauty offers paraben-free natural cosmetics, skincare with age-defying botanicals, and nutrients to restore the complexion. Get loads of useful tips by following them.

Be sure and check with your physician before starting a new diet plan, taking supplements, or beginning a fitness program you read about in the above 50 nutritionists you should follow on Twitter.

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