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Partner Yoga

Every day, clients ask us how often to stretch, why the stretching they do does not combat their neck and back pain and what are the best ways to stretch. The truth is, it’s tough to remember to stretch and it’s even more difficult to stretch often enough to combat the muscle tension we place on ourselves when sitting at computers all day. It’s also a challenge to find time to stretch without sacrificing time with loved ones.

So what are poor stressed out, tense muscled people to do? How about a few simple yoga poses?

One of the reason I like yoga is that is gives you a set of pre-designed poses that stretch the majority of muscles in your body. Once you know poses like “Downward Facing Dog,” “Sun Saluations” or “Tree Pose” you can do them virtually anywhere you have space and time to stretch out and extend your limbs. Simple yoga poses don’t require props and you can do them in a hotel room, or at home, or in a spare conference room at work if it’s allowed.

Even better yet, a great way to do yoga AND spend quality time with your partner or family, is to try Partner Yoga.

What is Partner Yoga?

The website, Partneryoga.com, defines partner yoga as a unique practice which combines powerful techniques and exercises from yoga, dance and martial arts. Partner Yoga use various movements and poses (asanas) to focus the mind and increase strength, stamina and flexibility. The physical poses are combined with potent breathing techniques (prananyams) which help release tension and promote the free flow of subtle energies (prana). All Partner Yoga exercises use the buddy system to dissolve tension and establish a natural state of harmony in body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

Partner Yoga postures like the “Cat/Cow” and the “Downward Facing Dog” are a fun and creative ways to for kids to learn about their bodies and the importance of physical exercise. Friends can use Partner Yoga to help each other stay motivated and committed to their wellness plan. Practicing yoga with a partner is uplifting and inspiring, and helps raise both people to new heights. The movements and poses in Partner Yoga require 100% participation from two people. Best of all, Partner Yoga requires no special equipment and can be done in any open space (the living room, gym, or park).

Benefits of Partner Yoga Poses

Working through a yoga sequence with someone else extends a number of benefits:

  • It’s non-competitive fitness in which two or more people can engage.
  • It builds intimacy, especially between love partners.
  • A deeper level of trust develops between two people who explore yoga together.
  • Partners can assist one another.
  • It’s a fun activity to share with children.

Where Can I Learn Partner Yoga Poses?

Here are some books and DVD’s on Partner Yoga.
Partner Yoga: Making Contact for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Growth on Amazon here

Relaxation Fit Partner Yoga video  here from Divakar Yoga

The Joy of Partner Yoga here

Together: the Art of Partner Yoga here.

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