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By Sue Shekut, L.M.T., ACSM Personal Trainer, Certified Wellness Coach, Owner, Working Well Massage

For those that are looking for an ergonomic gift for those people on your gift list that are glued to their computers, you are in luck!  According to Shane McGlaun at SlashGear.com, Jeflin has a new mouse with a gel cover that fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to use.  Read Shane’s comments below for more info on this new mouse from Jelfin. (And no, Working Well Massage & Working Well Resources does not have any connection to Jeflin nor do we get any free gear or ad dollars for telling you about their products.)

Jelfin ball mouse with gel cover rolls onto scene

by Shane Glaun at SlashGear.com
I have never been one to think that the mouse form factor that we all know and love needs a complete redesign. I will agree some mice are more comfortable to use than others are, but I like the traditional style myself. Just give me lots of sensitivity and I am good.


If you want to try a different mouse altogether the Jelfin ball-shaped mouse may be worth a look. The mouse is round and is covered with a gel coating for ergonomics and a comfortable feel. The ball shape of the mouse promises to fit the curve of your hand perfectly.

The mouse is designed to be sort of like a stress ball that can be touched and squeezed. The ball mouse comes in blue, red, yellow, green, and pink colors. The mouse also ships in a can that acts as a transportation container. Sensitivity for the mouse is 1000 dpi and it is available now for $34.95 from Amazon here.

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