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By Sue Shekut, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Massage Therapist, Wellness Coach, Owner, Working Well Massage

On Tuesday, January 31, 2017, I spent a few hours working with Najat, one of our long time WWM massage therapists, dismantling and cleaning up the space that has held our chair massage station for many years.

Najat cleans our space as we dismantle our WWM booth

Najat cleans our space as we dismantle our WWM booth

Since I first made the announcement that WFM Gold Coast Store Team Leader had asked us to close our booth, I’ve had many calls and emails from concerned clients that are sad and worried about our booth closing. Sadly, WWM had no control over whether we would leave the WFM Gold Coast store. If it was up to WWM, we would have stayed open at this location, but like many Chicago institutions, our time was over. WFM Gold Coast leadership wanted to bring more cafe seating into the space we occupied.  As Najat would say, C’est Le Vie.


What took 15 years to build, we knocked down in hours!

I’ve heard wonderful stories from clients that have visited us in the Gold Coast location for many years. One client credits his newfound health and heart improvement on regular chair massage by WWM massage therapists. He said his doctors are surprised at his recovery and tell him to keep the massages up! Another client told me she has used our massage services for 11-12 years and worries she will not be able to travel to our Lincoln Park location for massages once we closed our booths.

No more WWM at WFM Gold Coast-WWM has left the building!

No more WWM at WFM Gold Coast-WWM has left the building on 1-31-17!

We apologize to customers that found our Gold Coast location convenient and are unable to travel to our Lincoln Park location. WWM would be happy to reopen in another location in the River North or Gold Coast or Streeterville area if we can find a good arrangement. We have looked at other potential locations, but thus far, have not had any promising offers for another space for our booth.  Unfortunately chair massage is not lucrative enough for us to afford the high rent of Gold Coast office space for a chair massage station. Our partnership with WFM, which has long been a company committed to whole body and wellness, has been a natural relationship. And one we happily continue with WFM Lincoln Park!

For those clients of our WWM chair massage booth in the Gold Coast, we say thank you for stopping by and getting massages, sharing your lives, your pain, your joy and your stories through the years. You have touched each and every one of us emotionally, as we have touched your muscles and helped relieve your tension and deal with stress!

WWM Gold Coast Before 2-1-17


WWM Previous booth space inside WFM Gold Coast after 2-1-17. Two high top tables replace previous massage oasis. C’est le vie!

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By Sue Shekut, Owner, Working Well Massage, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Wellness Coach, ACSM Personal Trainer

One of the many reasons I enjoy having a small business inside Whole Foods Market-Lincoln Park is the support of the store management and team members. From the very first day I started managing the massage booth in the Lincoln Park store, my staff and I have felt welcomed and appreciated by Whole Foods Team Leaders (aka managers) and Team Members (aka staff). Whenever I see Rich Howley, the Store Team Leader, as he stacks shelves, speaks with shoppers, encourages his team and overall keeps the new store well stocked, well-managed and well run, I feel Working Well Massage is part of something really special. I know Rich cares about his store and wants to give shoppers a great place to shop, hang out and even get a great massage. And Team Members are super helpful to shoppers, upbeat and happy to have us in the store and get a massage when they can as well.

Recently Rich suggested we relocate our massage station about 20 feet from our previous location to give us a solid wall behind our booth and make us easier to find on the main floor. We’ve been located next to the Express lane and many shoppers get confused as to which “lane” to enter: the massage booth or the Express lane. By relocating our booth closer to the staircase leading up to the Mezzanine, we are out of the direct flow of checkout traffic, we have a quieter, more private space for massage and we have more room for our clients coats and carts near our booth. Once again, Rich was looking out for Whole Foods shoppers as well as Working Well Massage clients and massage therapists.   So we moved our booth and are so happy with our new location!

Now some of our clients are a little confused about where we are now. Even though we did not move very far from our previous location, people are creatures of habit, and have a hard time with change. Hopefully this blog post will clear things up!

Our New location inside the Lincoln Park Whole Foods Market

New Working Well Massage-Lincoln Park Location. Image by Sue Shekut.

Our Former location inside the Lincoln Park Whole Foods Market

Old Working Well Massage-Lincoln Park Location. Image by Sue Shekut.

The Lincoln Park Whole Foods Market, for the uninitiated, is a 75,000 square foot space and one of the 3 largest Whole Foods Markets in the country. Our Working Well Massage station is located behind the Express Checkout lanes and next to the in store restaurant area (aka the “grocer-ant”). Shoppers can buy deli meat, grab a quick bite from the salad bar or hot food bar, or eat at one of the in store restaurants, and then get a great chair massage. OR, they often get a muscle tension reducing massage, then shop and eat. With free wireless internet at Whole Foods Market Lincoln Park, many of my friends and clients spend hours sitting on their computers, having meetings with their own clients or friends, and people watching far above our booth. I’m not trying to write a Whole Foods brochure here, but for those that have not yet visited Whole Foods in Lincoln Park, you are so missing an amazing shopping experience. Plus a wine bar and a beer/coffee bar!  Even a trail mix bar, bath salt bar and Gelato bar too.

For those that are uncomfortable with the idea of “getting a massage in a grocery store,” fear not. Our massage station is well secluded behind paper screens and wood cabinets. And with chair massage, no one takes off their clothes so there is no need to worry about being seen as our talented massage therapists work your sore and tense muscles–through your clothes! (Think sports massage without the sweat.)

Stop by our new booth and meet Dennis, Heidi, Mysti, Kimosha, Cindy, Andrew, Yuriy or Robert Ertel. They are all fantastic massage therapists with their own unique massage styles. But they all have one thing in common: They give some of the best massages in Chicago and are part of the Working Well Massage team!

Working Well Lincoln Park inside Whole Foods Market-Lincoln Park

1550 N. Kingsbury, Chicago, IL

Hours: Daily, 12 noon-8p.m.

Working Well Gold Coast inside Whole Foods Market-Gold Coast

30 W Huron, Chicago, IL

Hours: Daily, 12 noon-8p.m.

Prices for chair massage at WWM booths

Quick Fix (5-Minute Massage) = $6
Short Stop (10-Minute Massage) = $12
Mellow Moment (15-Minute Massage) = $18
Complete Retreat I (20-Minute Massage) = $24
Complete Retreat II (30-Minute Massage) = $35

Additional increments of 5 minutes = $6

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